Adelardo played his last official match 44 years ago today

first_imgAfter playing 17 seasons at Atlético, Adelardo retired having played 553 games and scored 113 goals. He won three Leagues, five Cups, a European Cup Winners’ Cup and an Intercontinental Cup. No one played more than him and leads the ranking of games played with the Madrid team. Second is Tomás Reñones and third Collar, companion of Adelardo for some years of the Extremaduran career. Koke, with 446 games, is called to catch up with Adelardo, something that has never mattered to the former rojiblanco player. What’s more, he’s always been proud that Koke can catch up with him one day. May 1, 1976 was an important day for Adelardo Rodríguez, legend of Atlético de Madrid. That day the midfielder of the rojiblanco team he played his last official game with the rojiblanca jersey. Possibly I didn’t know then, but the Sarriá stadium last saw Adelardo dress as a rojiblanco in an official clash. The match, corresponding to day 32, ended with 1-0 for the Catalan team, goal by Cuesta. Luis Aragonés formed that day with Queen; Marcelino, Panadero, Heredia, Capón; Eusebio (Bermejo, 67 ‘), Adelardo, Leal; Leivinha, Gárate and Ayala (Alberto, 79 ‘). That day Adelardo put an end to his career at Atlético. He is the player who has worn the Madrid team shirt the most times, on 553 occasions.Atlético later played against Valencia and Real Madrid, to close the championship, and after that they played the Cup. They eliminated Barcelona in the quarterfinals and Real Sociedad in the semifinal. The final, played on June 26, 1976, was a new title for Atlético, since the Madrid team defeated Zaragoza. At the Bernabéu Gárate he scored 1-0 and José Eulogio picked up the cup title, although Adelardo was the captain. But the midfielder did not play again after the league game in Sarriá. That cupbearer title is part of Adelardo’s record, as he had played in the previous cup eliminator that year, against Sporting. Adelardo’s record with Atlético is dreamy. Adelardo, a native of Badajoz, practically spent his entire professional career at the Madrid club. He played in the Second Division in Badajoz until in the summer of 1959 he played a friendly against Atlético, which caused it to end up calling the Madrid entity. At first he has a hard time, but soon he sits on the rojiblanco team. He played the cup final against Real Madrid at the Bernabéu, the Recopa final, he began to win league titles … And he became essential at Atlético. Thus, year after year. Midfielder with a lot of arrival and goal, a great job, Adelardo lived through Atlético’s most important moments in the 1960s and 70s until his retirement. He played the final of the European Cup that the Madrid team lost to Bayern, after the German draw in the last second of the match and the subsequent tiebreaker match. He always admitted that he had won that European title.Adelardo has been everything at Atlético. An indisputable figure wherever he goes, he has always represented Atlético in the best possible way. Either as director of the Ciudad Deportiva de Majadahonda or as director of the Foundation. His life has always been red and white. His farewell party was on September 1, 1976. Villalonga, Tinte, Barinaga, Otto Bumbel, Balmanya, Otto Gloria, Marcel Domingo, Merkel, Lorenzo and Luis were the technicians of Adelardo. In that last season he did a somewhat dark job, because in addition to playing he performed technical functions. He helped Luis in reporting on the following Atlético rivals.In his tribute match Atlético played against the Mexican national team. The fans that gathered at the Vicente Calderón applauded him as an Atlético player has rarely applauded. His team lost and he later admitted that he couldn’t help but cry in the rojiblanco locker room: “I had a very bad time,” admitted Adelardo. Vicente Calderón saw his last moments as a player in a friendly match. But the Sarriá stadium in Barcelona saw him play the last official match. On this day, 34 years ago, an Atlético legend played his last game.last_img