Velasco Carballo: “It is intolerable that you doubt the honesty of the referees”

first_imgClear and manifest errors in the playing field according to IFAB: “Sometimes it depends on the image you choose. In Spain it is with the same philosophy of clear and manifest. If with a frame forward or behind that position is still advanced if we intervene, if not, we do not. We share the opinion of IFAB. In Spain we do not do it and in some cases the VAR has followed that criterion “. Show VOR room: “The VOR image is always sent in LaLiga to television production, but they have decided not to show it. We do want it to be shown for transparency and clarity.” Television production in the Super Cup and League: “I am not going to compare the work of others. We are calm with the television production of LaLiga. We are 200% calm. It is true that with the production of the Super Cup we have had improvements because we had in our hands the tools to have the transparency that we have”. Penalty errors: “Our goal is to reduce that number, but it is impossible. The referees are human and rarely make mistakes.” Heel tickets: “More red cards have been drawn for those actions. The CTA has never changed the criteria mid-season. It is the same as at the beginning of the season.” Suspend matches: “There is a protocol that indicates the steps to follow in cases of racism, violence and xenophobia. It is the one our arbitrators follow. If the arbitrator detects these types of incidents or the suggested coordinator takes the measures. It should be done in coordination with that person, as happened in the unfortunate incident of Vallecas. As a general principle, the maximum should be for the parties to be held. ” Real Madrid and the Classic audios: “No one has asked us.”Clos GomezOffside: “The images are always sent whenever the decision is changed. On other occasions they are also sent. They depend on the VAR. The VAR analyzes the play, talks with the referee and assembles the play and sends it. Sometimes the immediacy of another play has prevented the play from being sent, but in 99% of things it is shown. ” Hand: “We do not value any play. But it is considered when it is voluntary, unnaturally, occupies space, hand at shoulder height or above and when a goal is scored or generates a goal occasion. It is considered infringement even if it comes bounce the ball. It is one of the most complicated concepts of football. ” Debate centimeters offside: “I find the debate weird. Before we were killed for not getting right in an offside for three centimeters. Now he protests for being right for three centimeters.” Review timen: “There is a difference between First and Second for the period that each one has been working with the VAR. The operators are also being trained to make them faster and faster.” Velasco Carballo, president of the Technical Committee of Referees, appeared at a press conference to give his impressions on the balance of the VAR.Angry with the VAR: “Every week we send several clips of videos to our referees to see how they can improve. We also meet them once a month to have a critical spirit. External criticisms are assumed normally. We have just shared that 150 times we have corrected to the referees. If on those occasions the presidents had come out to say how wonderful. The 7, 8, 9 complaints that there are would be very few compared to the 150. No one comes out to say ‘this has worked.’ Positive things don’t they recognize each other. In this Supercopa the intervention of the VAR has been decisive. The Barcelona-Atlético would have been different without VAR. There was a millimetric offside that was solved. The Supercopa arbitration has had a very high level. We must be proud ” . Transparency and goal technology in LaLiga: “In the FEF’s own competitions you will continue to see it. From the eighth there will be VAR in the second round. The League competition depends on LaLiga and the clubs. There are League video markers that do show images, although not with the power of this We did not meet with LaLiga yesterday and I invited them and shared what was done in this Super Cup, there are some First and Second video markers that are not prepared, there has to be coordination with the televised broadcast. We are willing. to advance a lot. This Committee wants to be the driver of this progress. ” VAR image request: “It is a serious issue and it hurts competition, football and arbitration. Doubting the integrity of it is very serious. You will find my maximum opposition. We accept even criticism of scarf, but do not tolerate doubts what the referee does in the field and in the VAR. I am very honest. Although its defect, they have been wrong. That is intolerable. ” Out of tight games: “The rule does not talk about centimeters, only if it is more advanced or not. This rule was not created when the VAR was. The referees have always been told that if they had doubts they would let the play continue. The VAR comes with a technology that draw a few lines and if you are ahead of time you have to warn. You cannot wait for it to be 5, 10 or 15 centimeters. We will always talk about centimeters even if we establish a point. It would have to be the IFAB that establishes when a player has an advantage for being more in advance. While the VAR will apply the norm. If the lines are superimposed we tell the VAR not to intervene. If there is distance between the lines we cannot do anything. It is a beautiful debate that has been created in the world of football. ” last_img