Public tender for the purchase of a catering and tourism project – Czech villa on the island of Vis

first_imgMinistry of State Property (MDI) based on the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Croatia on determining the conditions and publication of a public call for binding bids for the implementation of the catering and tourism project Czech Villa in Vis on the island of Vis and the appointment of a commission to evaluate bids and monitor the implementation / 022-03 / 17, REGISTRATION NUMBER: 04-213 / 50301-26-09 dated 17 June 2.By publishing this public call, MDI invites domestic and international investors with financial capacity, as well as experience in designing, building, marketing and operating tourist complexes, to submit bids and implement the construction of the Catering and Tourism Project “Czech Villa” on the site of St. Juraj in the town of Vis.The new added value of the old barracks, which has been decaying for years, is especially important because the barracks are located on the island of Vis, and the islands have long been endangered by themselves due to lack of economy, emigration and all other problems due to their isolation. The decision to launch an international public tender is a historic step forward in the management of state property, said Minister of State Property Goran Maric, adding that such a project would revive and give life on the island of Vis and directly affect economic activity and employment and youth retention on the islands.Until now, some islands owned by the Republic of Croatia have been used illegally for leisure and private hedonism, without a kuna fee, and now parts of the islands that have been neglected for over twenty years will get a completely new picture in a short time.”Concluded Minister Marić.The lease agreement will be concluded for 50 years and the concession on the maritime domain for the purpose of construction and economic use will be awarded for a period of up to 50 years with a fee of 1.430.000,00 per year. The estimated total revenue is HRK 84.300.000,00 in the budget of the Republic of Croatia, with the construction of new catering and accommodation units at a level of at least four stars. The deadline for the realization of this project is 3 years from the day of concluding the contract, said Minister Marić, emphasizing the role of local government in this entire project. The Commission for the selection of the most favorable bid will include representatives of the Ministry of State Property, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Tourism and the Mayor of the City of Vis.The deadline for submission of bids is October 16, 2017 at 23:59. hours, and you can download the entire public call hereArticle in English versionlast_img