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The Department for Work and Pensions DWP has ref

first_imgThe Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has refused to consider an inquiry into its repeated failure to prevent the deaths of benefit claimants, despite the release of damning new information from nine secret reviews.Key information from reviews into the deaths of nine benefit claimants had been requested by Disability News Service (DNS) in April – following the release of 49 earlier reviews – but DWP has only released it now after pressure from the Information Commissioner’s Office.Although most of the information from the reviews – previously known as peer reviews but now called internal process reviews – was redacted, DWP did release the authors’ recommendations for how procedures should be improved locally and nationally.Those recommendations show that DWP staff repeatedly failed to follow strict guidelines on how to support benefit claimants who have expressed thoughts of self-harm or threatened to take their own lives, which were introduced in 2009.That guidance – known as the six-point plan – “sets out the framework for managing suicide and self harm declarations from customers”.The plan tells staff to “take the statement seriously”, “summon a colleague”, “gather information”, “provide referral advice – if the situation is non-urgent”, “summon emergency help”, and “review” the incident afterwards with their line manager.DWP managers are supposed to use this framework to create their own local six point plans.But the information released to DNS shows that with two of the nine deaths, which were all reviewed between August 2014 and January 2016, the author called for DWP to “remind staff about the Six Point Plan” and pointed out the need to “embed” the plan in DWP procedures because the failure to follow the guidance was “a recurring theme”.Of the nine reviews, seven of them involved people who had taken their own lives, and five included recommendations for local or national improvements.Other concerns raised by the reviews include the apparent use of out-of-date information to decide an employment and support allowance (ESA) claim, and benefits staff apparently failing to visit a claimant marked in their files as “vulnerable” who had failed to attend an assessment before their claim was rejected.As in all nine cases, the claimant lost their life, although no other information is known about the circumstances of their deaths.Disabled activists who have seen the information from the nine latest reviews say that it underlines the need for an independent inquiry into DWP’s failure to keep benefit claimants – particularly those with mental health conditions – safe from harm.John McArdle, co-founder of Black Triangle, backed calls for an inquiry.  He said: “We remain deeply sceptical of any DWP pretence that it is ensuring that the system will be safe. The facts of these deaths show that our suspicion is justified.“Each one of those peer reviews are possible outrages, such as the cases of David Barr, Paul Donnachie, Stephen Carré and Michael O’Sullivan. One wonders how many more there are.”The release of the information came as Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) blocked Westminster Bridge yesterday (Wednesday), directly outside the Houses of Parliament and during prime minister’s questions, in protest at disabled people who have lost their lives as a result of benefit cuts.The protest (pictured) was part of DPAC’s Rights Not Games week of action, which has been planned to coincide with the start of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.Linda Burnip, a member of DPAC’s national steering group, also backed calls for an inquiry, and said: “It is incredible that after seven years DWP have still not managed to implement the six point plan which they should be using to ensure the safety of disabled people at risk of harming themselves.“We can only assume this means they do not really care at all about the wellbeing of those people.”Both Black Triangle and DPAC have also called for former DWP ministers Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling to face a criminal investigation for the Scottish offence of wilful neglect of duty by a public official over their failure to address safety concerns with the work capability assessment (WCA) process, following a coroner’s written warning in 2010 that its flaws risked causing further deaths.McArdle said: “Only a criminal investigation will have the teeth to change culture and practice in DWP.”He suggested that a criminal investigation could now have to be extended beyond Duncan Smith and Grayling to include DWP staff who have been “wilfully negligent in implementing the six point plan”.He said: “These are not minor bureaucratic breaches of duty and code of conduct.“These breaches have led to the tragic deaths of disabled people and continue to do so.”He stressed that the peer reviews were just “the tip of an enormous iceberg” of “countless disabled people” who have lost their lives because of the government’s social security policies and benefit cuts.He added: “The ultimate responsibility for this must rest on ministers but the criminal standard of proof under the crime we are pursuing them for must apply equally to all who neglect their public duty, in the words of Scots law ‘whether or not any member of the public has been harmed’.”Police Scotland is currently considering a dossier of information submitted by Black Triangle, before deciding whether to launch a criminal investigation.Although the information released by DWP to DNS does not show how many of the nine deaths involved the WCA process, McArdle said that several of them were likely to have done so.He said: “The WCA is killing people. It needs to be scrapped at the earliest possible time.”A DWP spokeswoman refused to say why the department was still having to remind staff about the existence of the six-point plan six years after it was introduced; whether it would apologise for failing to take the necessary action to make the benefits system safe for “vulnerable” claimants; and if it would order an independent inquiry.She also refused to say how long the gap was between the two deaths which led to the review authors telling the department to remind staff about the six-point plan.But she said in a statement: “Peer reviews help staff to continually improve how they deal with some of the most complex and challenging cases, and represent a very small percentage of the benefit claims DWP handles.“We provide guidance to staff on how best to support vulnerable claimants and it is right that this is highlighted to staff.”In its response to the freedom of information request, DWP’s freedom of information operations team had said: “DWP provides substantial and specific instructions to staff on how to support vulnerable people throughout their benefit journey.   “When dealing with vulnerable people, both providers and DWP have procedures in place to take appropriate supportive action, which are regularly reviewed.   “We have also established a nationally available ‘vulnerability hub’. This provides help and advice for staff in dealing with these individuals and signposts to a range of resources that provide advice about specific conditions or circumstances.”Pictured by PHP Photography 2016last_img read more

Hawker Fare — Isaan Thai Street Food on Valencia

first_imgHawker Fare is Chef James Syhabout’s San Francisco outpost of his now-shuttered Oakland restaurant. I’d been to the Oakland place, as well as to his upscale, tweezer-food restaurant — Commis — in Piedmont. His restaurants could not be more different. While Commis presents refined, restrained, gorgeous (and outstandingly delicious) food, Hawker Fare’s dishes are like an exotic cousin, with sultry flavors that ping hot, sweet, salty and everything in between. The East Bay Hawker Fare was tiny, with fewer items on the menu. The new place makes it feel like Syhabout came to the Mission and just cut loose.Hawker Fare interior.And not just with regard to the food. The place is huge, with riotous décor — a dazzling cacophony of colors and shiny surfaces, bright oilcloth-topped tables, red folding chairs, Thai movie posters that border on kitsch — a hyper-cool Pulp Fiction, for instance — softened up by the giant textiles on the stairway wall. 0% I’d been to Hawker Fare’s Mission storefront maybe four or five times, but these last two visits of what is billed as Thai/Isaan/Laotian street food have been simply eye-opening.We started out with the beer nuts, which you must do as well.  They’re roasted with makrut (also known as kaffir) lime leaves, chilies, garlic and salt — addictive.Hawker Fare beer nuts and Feathered Serpent.I’m not one for cutesy drinks, but when in a tiki bar … The great thing about Hawker Fare’s Polynesian-style cocktails is that they’re not simperingly sweet. They’re boozy and refreshing, and go really well with the (at times/hopefully) spicy food. There’s a full bar, so you can order any non-exotic thing you want to, as well as beer and wine.  The little blue macaw treat pictured above is called the Feathered Serpent, featuring mezcal, Cocchi Americano, creme de cacao, coconut rum, lemon juice and grapefruit juice. Surprisingly, not too sweet!Next, we split the som tum (green papaya) salad:Hawker Fare som tam.It was, thankfully, a spicier version than others we’ve had, but still not very hot. Chopped Thai chilies on the side, upon request, fixed us right up. Hey, sometimes food has to hurt. Hawker Fare also has a Laotian version, for the slightly braver of you, with salted crab, fermented fish and more chilies. I’ve had it once and it does pull its weight in both funk and heat.For his main, the BF got the pork belly and tofu in a caramel broth:Hawker Fare pork belly with egg.This is a bowl to dive into and die happy. Lovely fatty bits of pork, chunks of tofu that almost trick you into thinking they’re pork (but doesn’t piss you off when you find out it’s not), all swimming in a rich caramel-colored, anise-tinged broth, offset by fermented mustard greens, Chinese celery and cilantro, with a beautiful, mahogany-stained, slightly runny boiled egg. Earthy, hearty, life-affirming.  I got the beef short ribs (think kalbi) in a satay prep, with the bones acting as “natural skewers”:Hawker Fare beef short ribs.Goddess help me, this was almost better than the pork belly. Touted as Syhabout’s mother’s recipe, there was just so much beefiness going on here: chewy, grilled meat marinated in coconut milk, turmeric, lemongrass, garlic, and his own mama’s love. How could it not be good?  There are three kinds of rice to choose from — jasmine, sticky and chicken fat (khao mun). We opted for the chicken fat version, but I have to say, with most of these dishes, the subtleties of the rice escaped me. But it did the job just fine.Speaking of rice, on our return trip, we started out with the crispy rice ball salad.Hawker Fare rice ball salad.A knock-out of a dish. Jasmine rice is seasoned with coconut and red curry paste and formed into balls. They fry them up then break them apart, and the crispy, crunchy rice bits are scattered amongst every eye-popping flavor and texture known to mankind — fermented pork, peanuts, cilantro, dried Thai chilies, fish sauce and lime juice. You must get this Laotian specialty. You must. They make it with or without pork, but I think you know what to do.  Next up, we had their super-garlicky Brussels sprouts:Hawker Fare Brussels sprouts.These beauties were bursting with umami-osity. Another winner.We shared the BBQ pork ribs:Hawker Fare ribsDelectable baby backs, marinated in whiskey, white pepper, coriander root and garlic and brushed with honey. Smoky, chewy and sweet, with perfect charring, echoed by the charred tomato-chili dip served alongside. They really do meat well here.Finally, we had a bowl of lovely, very mild (not a bit spicy, as the menu says), yet still super-flavorful vermicelli noodles with ground pork in red curry and fresh bamboo shoots:Hawker Fare vermicelli red curry.At least I think they were fresh, since they were nothing like those awful canned shoots. These were super funky, but in a really good way.  The dish’s textures were soothing; comfort food at its most flavorful.  The BF did not love this dish, but I adored it, and it made divine lunches for the next couple of days as the flavors married even further.The menu does change periodically, so go often. They are no longer making one of my favorite dishes, a salad of crunchy celery leaves and tomatoes with a super crispy, lacy fried egg. I’m hoping they’ll bring it back someday, but whatever they make is golden. I’ve had their spicy, sticky fried chicken and would like to have no other from now on, please. There is a homey, yet playful, touch to these dishes.  Another fun feature about Hawker Fare is the “secret” bar upstairs — Holy Mountain, specializing in craft cocktails in a dimly lit, swanky space, with sleek glasses and designer ice cubes. It feels a bit like a private club, but everyone’s allowed. Booze it up a little upstairs and then come down and eat something spicy to sober you up again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Hawker Fare interior.Hawker Fare680 Valencia St.San Francisco, CA 94110(415) 400-5699 center_img Tags: food • restaurant reviews • restaurants Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

NHRMC County finalize purchase of Health Department property

first_imgNew Hanover County Health Department (Photo: Hunter Ingram/StarNews) NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover Regional Medical Center and New Hanover County have finished an agreement for NHRMC to purchase the county’s Health Department property.The property is located at 2029 South 17th Street for $19,350,000.- Advertisement – “The money from the sale will be used to fund the county’s construction of a new health and human services building,” said County Manager Chris Coudriet. “By bringing the Health Department and the Department of Social Services under one roof, there will be improved efficiencies, greater collaboration, and an enhanced customer experience.”The new health and human services facility will be constructed where the Department of Social Services (DSS) parking lot is currently located, at 1650 Greenfield Street. During construction, the county will lease the Health Department property from NHRMC for $1 per year until the new facility is completed. The Health Department’s services will not be affected during this time.The new facility will be complete by the beginning of 2020. At that time, DSS and Health Department services will move into the new building and the lease with NHRMC will end.last_img read more

It looks like a movie Fire destroys supermarket leaves community in shock

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington grocery store is now reduced to rubble after a fire tore through Village Plaza on Greenfield Street Wednesday night.The flames destroyed Everybody’s Supermarket and other buildings in the complex. Last night flames could be seen coming from the roof of the supermarket.- Advertisement – The fire was called in a little after 7 p.m. and was under control after midnight.Community members and other business owners in the plaza said this is devastating for the surrounding neighborhoods.Many still cannot believe what happened including Darrius White, whose business was destroyed by the fire.Related Article: Police identify body found behind dumpster“It doesn’t seem real,” White said. “It looks like a movie. I watched the whole thing cave in last night. I stayed out here til maybe about, I think it was twelve something, twelve something last night. Just watching it, it’s something from a movie not real life.”Multiple agencies investigated.“Everything you work for gone, livelihood gone, how you pay bills. It’s like you’re at a loss. You don’t know what to do,” Whitefire said.Investigators said the building is damaged so badly it’s not safe to be inside. White did not have time to save anything from his shop.“Violated, you know when someone breaks into your house they take stuff out of it. You feel violated everything is gone,” White said.Whitefire said it did more than ruin the business, it ruined a community need.“A lot of people in this area they don’t have cars. They have to walk to be able to get groceries, get something to eat once in a while when they don’t want to cook,” White said.White’s business partner Quail Alston was also inside the building when the fire started.“To see this building go down like this, it’s real hurtful,” Alston said.The fire also burned a church and a couple of other businesses in the plaza. Alston said the damage is done, but it won’t stop them from moving forward.last_img read more

We dont want it Neighbors voice concerns to company on chemical emission

first_img 1 of 2 A public hearing turned heated in Delco Wednesday as neighbors shouted their oppositions to a lumber transport company’s request to use the reportedly toxic chemical methyl bromide for fumigation. (Photo: Andrew James/WWAY) A public hearing turned heated in Delco Wednesday as neighbors shouted their oppositions to a lumber transport company’s request to use the reportedly toxic chemical methyl bromide for fumigation. (Photo: Andrew James/WWAY) – Advertisement – center_img A public hearing turned heated in Delco Wednesday as neighbors shouted their oppositions to a lumber transport company’s request to use the reportedly toxic chemical methyl bromide for fumigation. (Photo: Andrew James/WWAY) DELCO, NC (WWAY) – A public hearing turned heated in Delco Wednesday as neighbors shouted their oppositions to a lumber transport company’s request to use the reportedly toxic chemical methyl bromide for fumigation.The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality held this public hearing. Concern over air quality brought so many neighbors and it got so heated and overcrowded, they had to move it. Malec Brothers Transport wants to use the chemical methyl bromide to clean lumber for its Delco transporting company. The company is based in Australia. Company leaders tell WWAY’s Andrew James the Delco site is their first U.S. based operation. Neighbors who live nearby say its putting them at risk.“It’s wrong, it’s wrong for the public, and it’s wrong for everyone in this area,” said Darol Lennon.Hundreds packed the Acme Delco school letting that opposition be known. Many saying its too close for comfort as the school sits just miles from the Malec Brothers site.Related Article: Several Columbus nonprofits awarded Hurricane Florence recovery grants“Now we are looking at taking something that they want to dump in our atmosphere for our children to be able to breath and lead to bad effects what are we thinking about,” asked Gary Smith during public comment.The NCDEQ hosts the hearing before they either grant or deny the air quality permit that would allow the company to emit 140 tons of the chemical.The EPA says methyl bromide, which is used as a pesticide, can be toxic and can damage the ozone layer.“The key message is here that we are setting it in a permanent site so that you can have control measures at the fans at the actual point of emission,” said Malec Brothers procurement executive David Smith.The company has requirements to control and record how much they would emit..they are not required to contain it. If one the container leak, company officials said they would use duct tape or sand bags to seal it.“I know that sounds poor, but the reality is as a practical measure that we are doing in operation when you are doing an assessment with a millimeter around every nook and cranny of the container which we must do, if we were to get a recording, which is highly unlikely the first thing you’d do is something that could be done straight away,”said Smith.“I think we are having something pushed on us without people really knowing what’s going on and the chemical thing could not only hurt today but it can hurt tomorrow but they years to come and our grandchildren will be affected by it,” said neighbor Bill Hufham.The DEQ In fact were forced to close the meeting due to the room being at capacity. They moved it to the gym. DEQ officials tell WWAY though they plan to hold another meeting – meaning that deadline for public comment that way May 8th could be pushed back.last_img read more

Part of Hampstead to have water temporarily cut off

first_imgTap water from sink (Photo: U.S. Air Force) HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — Hampstead residents along Sloop Point Loop Road will have their water temporarily cut off as NCDOT crews complete a water main relocation.According to a new release from Pender County, the work will take place from 11 p.m. Wednesday until 7 a.m. Thursday.- Advertisement – This will impact water customers along Sloop Point Loop Road from Highway 17 to Strawberry Fields Way, Country Club Drive from Sloop Point Loop Road to Mallard Bay Road, and all of the Mallard Bay Road area served by Pender County Utilities.The water main is being moved to make way for an NCDOT project, the release states. Water service will return to residents “as soon as possible upon completion of the work.”When water is restored, customers are advised to boil all water used for human consumption, to kill bacteria that may have entered the system during periods of low or no pressure. The advisory was issued by the Rocky Point/Topsail Water System and the North Carolina Division of Water Resources.Related Article: Overwhelming public feedback pushes back Cape Fear Crossing route deadlineThe release notes, “vigorous boiling for one minute should kill any disease-causing organisms that may be present in the water. This advisory remains in effect until further written notification is issued.”last_img read more

Williston alumni staff weigh in on potential change of school

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — More than a century ago it was a freedmen school for blacks. The history of the Williston school runs deep in one Wilmington community as the history of the school can date back to the 1800’s.Out of that era grew Williston Industrial and Senior High School. Then a controversial integration in 1968 closed down the school. Williston Middle School came out of that and for years it has been a topic of student redistricting and curriculum overhauls.- Advertisement – Once again, the school could change, and many in the community fear that it will take away the history, pride and the reputation of the school and its community.January began with a bombshell to many Williston alumni.January began with a bombshell to many Williston alumni. The New Hanover County School Board laid out an idea; change the middle school back to a high school.Related Article: New Hanover Co. School Board may give redistricting plans over to private firmTonight for the first time, the public was able to talk in their own setting.“There’s something dreadfully wrong with this picture,” said alum Margaret Brown.Williston Middle School could turn back into a high school. School board members are looking to spread out the inner city school to places like Roland Grise and Holly Shelter.Teachers worry students with specific needs will be forgotten.“That’s my greatest concern where will those kids go,” asks Laura Butler a 7th Grade language arts teacher there at WMS.Kenneth Chestnut, a Williston High alum, speaks at the forum. (WWAY/Andrew James)It’s also no secret there is concern for the jobs of many educators there who do not have certifications for high school level educating.“Everything thing is up to speculation I mean we’re at what week 4 now of a proposal so yeah everybody is kind of on edge about what’s going to happen,” said Bobby Garcia who has taught 8th grade science at WMS for 5 years.This forum, organized by school staff, filled the middle school media center. Alums and those with a vested interest did not shy from bringing up the elephant in the room.“The question I have in my mind is when we ever start moving students why is it that the black kids are the only ones that are moved,” asked Nick Rhodes who was a former school board member.“I am really concered as one of your larger funding partners that we are really doing a diservice to all of our kids,” said New Hanover County Commission Chair Jonathon Barfield. “My first thought was, here we go again. We’re moving black kids because white don’t want there kids to be moved from their school of choice.”School board Vice Chair David Wortman tells me changing Williston back to a high school would reduce the impacts of high school redistricting. He says making it an arts school makes sense given its location to downtown.It’s something school officials do not plan to rush.“I don’t anticipate anything next year, I want this process to be thorough,” said superintendent Dr. Tim Markley.There was a resounding subject that was thrown around during the forum. It does not appear that every alumni or former staffer of the school is against seeing it return to a high school, however, seeing it become an arts school is not what they have in mind.“The community is behind the creation of a vocational education program here at Williston if it has to change. So it will once again be the greatest school under the sun,” said alum Linda Pierce-Thomas.School board members will meet next week. They may address the latest on the exploratory committee instructed to research the transition.last_img read more

Study abroad trip to Chile inspired woman to teach Spanish

first_img “I’ve told them, I’m learning this along with you, we’re going to do this together hand in hand and I feel its made a big difference being very open and a little bit younger even though its my first year,” said Page. “They can relate to me and I can relate to them.”While completing her Master of Arts in Teaching at UNCW with a concentration in Spanish, Page took part in a study abroad program in Chile.“I stayed and fell in love with the culture, I fell in love with the people, the language is so beautiful and it pushed me out of my comfort zone in more ways than one,” she said.Related Article: High school student missing after swimming in Eno River Rock QuarryBefore graduating from UNCW, she interned at John T. Hoggard High School and when the school had a vacancy, they offered her a teaching position.Today, she shares with students about her adventures abroad.“I can engage with them a little bit more,” she said. “I can tell them real-life experiences. That gets them engaged and then they’re like ‘Oh, I want to hear about this’ which in turn gets them to want to learn even more.”Page says leading students in their study of Spanish comes naturally.“I definitely feel like I’m good at teaching but I’ve always had a passion to work with children, work with students of any age, with kids,” she said. “I’ve always had a big heart for high schoolers and I think they are the most interesting.”Keeping up with the pace of such high-level curriculum is no easy task according to Christi Lea Osborne who serves as New Hanover County Schools’ International Baccaluareate (IB) Coordinator.“The IB classes are very challenging and something that is unique to Hoggard and not a lot of people have any knowledge of these courses so it was a big task for Ms. Page to step up and take these courses as a BET, a Beginning Education Teacher,” Osborne said.On behalf of WWAY and Mattress and Furniture Liquidators, we’re delighted to recognize Page as our Teacher of the Week.“I feel really grateful that my kids even nominated me,” she said. “Its my first year of teaching so I definitely didn’t expect anything like this my first year.”If you want to nominate a great teacher like Page who is doing remarkable things, click here. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Step inside Jennifer Page’s classroom and you’d never know its her first year teaching.Page teaches Honors Spanish III and International Baccaluareate classes at John T. Hoggard High School in Wilmington.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Dancin in the Park YMCA and NHRMC team up for new fitness

first_img Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, so break out some dance moves and join in every Saturday from April 6 through May 25 at 9:30 a.m. at Portia Hines Park. Dancin’ in the Park (Photo: Facebook) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — You’ve heard of dancing in the moonlight and dancing in the street, but what about dancing in the park?New Hanover Regional Medical Center and the YMCA want you to get fit at the Dancin’ in the Park spring series starting on Saturday.- Advertisement – last_img

Hundreds expected to take part in 8th annual CFCC Bridge to Bridge

first_img “We raise money for our student athletes, its a full-time job to go to school and play athletics for Cape Fear,” said CFCC Assistant Director of Athletics Christopher Libert. “A lot of our athletes don’t hold jobs, so it really helps with raising scholarship money to help with their tuition and books.”The running course will start at CFCC’s Union Station and head north to the Isabel Holmes Bridge and continue downtown south to the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. The 2-mile walk will be on along the riverwalk.“There’s a 1 mile fun run and, last year, we had about 100 kids,” Libert said. “We saw a 5 or 6 year old break a course record.”Related Article: Burned out with your job? CFCC offering classes in high-demand, high-paying fieldsProceeds from the event will benefit the CFCC Sea Devil Student Athlete Scholarships. Click here to register. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Sea Devil Athletics and the Cape Fear Community College Foundation will host its 8th Annual CFCC Bridge to Bridge 4-mile run, 1-mile run and 2-mile riverwalk next week.The twilight event will be held Thursday, May 30, and starts at 7 p.m. Organizers expect hundreds of runners and walkers to participate.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Triumphant Johnson pledges to defeat Corbyn and get Brexit done in that

first_imgWhatsApp The Director General of the Confederation of British Industries,  Carolyn Fairbairn in a reaction to the media said : “Business needs three things in the first 100 days. A Brexit deal that unlocks confidence; clear signals the UK is open for business; and a truly pro-enterprise vision for our country. On Brexit, the new prime minister must not underestimate the benefits of a good deal. It will unlock new investment and confidence in factories and boardrooms across the country. Business will back you across Europe to help get there. Early signals back home also matter. From a new immigration system to green-lighting major infrastructure, there is no time to waste.” SharePrint Boris Johnson in a comfortable victory  of 92,153 votes, has become the leader of the Conservative Party and the next Prime Minister of the UK. In his maiden speech at the QE2 conference centre Johnson said that the media are prognosticating a daunting task for his as Prime Minister. He brushed this criticism aside saying that not only will he bring energy into the party and the government but he will also defeat Corbyn in the next elections and get Brexit done. He put these two priorities in that order.Johnson said that he was pretty certain that the wisdom of his being chosen as leader of the conservative party will certainly be questioned but he called this day a pivotal moment in history. He said that the party has now got to reconcile what he called ‘two noble interests’ between “friendship” with European allies and a “silmultaneous desire for democratic self-government in this country”. Johnson dismissed suggestions these are “irreconcilable”.Johnson said his campaign message of “Deliver, Unite, Defeat” might not be the best slogan as it spells “DUD”. But he said people have forgotten the “final E” for “energise”. He quipped: “Dude, we are going to energise the country! The campaign is over and the work begins.” ended Johnson.ReactionsPerhaps the most relevant reaction was that of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. “After almost a decade of austerity, we need a prime minister on the side of the many, not the few,” the Labour leader said. In comments on Twitter, Corbyn said that Boris Johnson won the support of fewer than 100,000 unrepresentative Conservative Party members by promising tax cuts for the richest, presenting himself as the bankers’ best friend, and pushing for a damaging no-deal Brexit. “But he hasn’t won the support of our country.” warned Corbyn clearly gunning for an election as soon as possible. Corbyn, political pundits contend, will be doing his level best to push for as early an election as possible. “Johnson’s no-deal would mean job cuts, higher prices in the shops, and risk our NHS being sold off to US corporations in a sweetheart deal with Donald Trump…We need a Labour government for the many, not a Boris Johnson Conservative government for the few.” said Corbyncenter_img Earlier…Alexander Boris Johnson has been elected as Theresa May’s successor a few minutes ago. with other 45,000 votes more than his opponent in the leadership race, Jeremy Hunt. Johnson was elected with 92,153 votes while Hunt obtained 46,636 votes. <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more

6 Companies That Havent Wussed Out of Working with WikiLeaks

first_imgAdvertisement 1. Xipwire: The Philly online payment company has announced that unlike PayPal they welcome customer donations to WikiLeaks. According to their site, they’re even waiving fees and charges so that 100% of the money goes to the whistleblower site. “While people may or may not agree with WikiLeaks, we at XIPWIRE believe that anyone who wishes to support the organization through a donation should be able to do so,” they say on their site. While the publicity advantages are obvious, there’s also the threat of backlash. One of the founders told the tech blogBaltTech, “We’re fully aware that not everyone likes what Wikileaks is. But we are prepared to accept the consequences.”2. Flattr – Advertisement – Flattr, which was started by one of the founders of Pirate Bay,  has also been funneling money to WikiLeaks. The site lets users put money into accounts; when they run into a website they want to support, they can click on their “flattr” button to donate money to site. According to TechCrunch, WikILeaks has used Flattr since August and received over 3,000 Flattr donations when they released the Afghanistan war diary. 3. DatacellThe Icelandic company processes debit and credit card donations to WikiLeaks, so Visa and Mastercards’ recent decision to cut all donations to the site has not done great things for their business.In a statement published on their site,  CEO Andreas Fink slammed Visa for letting political considerations get in the way of customer service: “The suspension of payments towards Wikileaks is a violation of the agreements with their customers. Visa users have explicitly expressed their will to send their donations to Wikileaks and Visa is not fulfilling this wish.”Founder Ólafur Sigurvinsson pointed out in an interview with an Icelandic news channel, “I’ve got confirmed today that I am capable of supporting Al-Qaeda, Ku Klux Klan, buy weapons, drugs and all sorts of pornopraphy with a VISA card. But that’s not being investigated. Instead I can not support a humanitarian organisation fighting for the freedom of speech.”4. OVHWikiLeaks moved to the French data server OVH after getting kicked off Amazon. This did not sit well with French Ministry Eric Besson, who demanded that the site be purged from all French servers. Rather than instantly boot WikiLeaks offline, the company asked the courts to clarify Besson’s order. Earlier this week a judge ruled that the French government had to actually prove that WikiLeaks broke the law, instead of just saying so and then trying to intimidate private companies. A company spokesperson said, “OVH is neither for nor against this site. Now that it’s with us, we will fulfill the contract. That’s our job.”5. TwitterWikiLeaks relies on Twitter to communicate, and their account seems to be safe for now. The micro-blogging site has been accused of blocking #WikiLeaks and #Cablegate from the trending topics though, a claim they dispute.6. FacebookFacebook recently released a statement saying that they have no plans to delete the WikiLeaks account, which has 1,187,990 fans.last_img read more

Whats new in Microsoft Office

first_imgAdvertisement Ms Office 2010 has been here for a while, but many users are still using the old version,probably because they do not know what they are missing, writes Daniel B. Atuhaire. On June 15, 2010, Microsoft Office 2010 was officially unveiled as the successor to Microsoft Office 2007, and has since been made available for retail and online purchase.It’s the first version that requires product activation for volume license editions. Office 2010 also marks the debut of free online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, which work in the web browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari, but not Opera.  – Advertisement – Office Starter 2010, a new edition of Office, replaces the low-end home productivity software, Microsoft Works. New features and improvements: New features include a built-in screen capture tool (a personal favorite of mine, this!), a background removal tool, a protected document mode, new SmartArt templates and author permissions. The 2007 Office Button was replaced with a menu button that leads to a full-window file menu, known as Backstage View, giving easy access to task-centered functions such as printing and sharing. • Updated Menu System:Office 2010 comes with a more intuitive ribbon and, to my delight, a new home menu system. Instead of opening up a dropdown, the entire window changes colors, and provides you with the save, open, close, preview, and other options. The new home menu system provides detailed information on modifications, authors, file size, and permissions and a new print and print preview menu.• Enhanced Multimedia Editing: Microsoft also upped the multimedia editing options from its last iteration. Specifically, image editing gets a boost and Microsoft PowerPoint now incorporates in-video editing. Screen captures and video cutting have also been included in this suite. • Real-time Collaboration and Communication: Another new feature in Microsoft Office 2010 is Outlook Social Connector, which allows users connect to and receive updates from their social network inside Microsoft Outlook. (If you’ve used the facebook update on Skype, then you know what I mean here…)When users view their emails, a name, picture, and title is available for the person they are contacting. SharePoint 2010, a new feature in Ms Office 2010 includes functionalities that make transitioning from email, file servers, and shared calendars easy and fun(I haven’t extensively tried this out though).• Stronger Security Settings: The new Office 2010 suite revamps author settings, restricted editing, and adds a protected mode, which stops users from accidentally editing a download file until it is enabled. Restricted editing helps users to pick who can collaborate. • Microsoft Office Web Apps: I suppose Microsoft is out to rival Google Docs with its own online version of the software. I don’t quite know about all of its features, but it’s certainly going to become popular very fast. Removed features From the entire suite, features done away with include Ms Office Document Imaging (I don’t know why it had been there in the first place), Ms Office Document Scanning, MS Office Startup Assistant (Osa.exe), Research and Reference pane for Internet Explorer and the Office Diagnostics tool. From other Ms Applications, Smart tag auto-recognition, person name smart tag and auto-summary features have been removed from Ms Word while data access pages and access calendar ActiveX control are no longer available in Ms Access. Other Editions:• Trial Version: The Office 2010 Trial has an option to download the local install; however the default trial installs an App-V image like Office Starter 2010. The Applications Virtualization installer will create a Launcher and Office 2010 will run from a virtual drive letter Q: rather than installed in Drive: Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice14; though this drive letter is not visible in Windows Explorer.• Starter Edition:Office Starter 2010 is an ad-supported product which includes Ms Word Starter 2010 and Ms Excel Starter 2010. These are reduced-functionality versions for viewing, editing, and creating documents. It also includes PowerPoint Viewer 2010, to view and print PowerPoint slides and shows. Office Starter 2010 omits several features available only in the full paid version of Microsoft Office. Specifically, it lacks the several features like Customizable quick access toolbar buttons, Macros and Add-ins, SmartArt, Error checking, Automatic table of contents and table of figures, cross references and tracked changes and comments among others… The office suite for Windows Mobile by Microsoft is updated together with Office 2010. Windows Mobile 6.5 or higher is required to run Microsoft Office Mobile 2010. Overall the product has so much more to offer than its previous versions. It’s a great experience for users migrating from 2007 to 2010!Installation & Activation:You’ll need to have at least Microsoft windows Service pack 3 (SP3) or a higher operating system (folks running Vista and windows won’t have issues with this).The installation will cost you hard drive space of anywhere between 1-2.31 Gigabytes, depending on the options chosen, but the rest of the process is pretty much similar to Ms Office 2007. The Volume edition can be activated using a Multiple Activation Key (MAK) which is limited by the number of times a machine can activate when connected to Microsoft’s servers, or using a Key Management Server (KMS) which requires activation every 180 days.last_img read more

First Global Data Launches Mobile Payments Service in India

first_imgAdvertisement First Global Data Limited is pleased to announce that it has launched its mobile payment service “PayQwik™” in India.PayQwik is a one stop mobile payment service available across India. Through integrations with more than 50 banks, cash card, debit and credit card networks, net banking, and other mobile wallets, customers are able to load money into their PayQwik™ mobile wallet.Customers are then able to make purchases, pay bills, top up mobile phones and purchase coupons at up to 60,000 merchants and 12 telecom companies across India. This “spend” infrastructure will continue to evolve and grow over time. The PayQwik mobile payment service also enables customers to send money to any mobile number across India, and to generate and redeem loyalty points. – Advertisement – By virtue of our connectivity to banks, PayQwik™ enables customers to move money from their bank account to their PayQwik™ mobile wallet and vice versa with simplicity and ease, in real time.In this first phase deployment of the PayQwik™ mobile wallet in India, more than 500 innovative products from one of the most prominent online shopping store in India have been embedded into the PayQwik™ mobile wallet. This provides our customers with a one stop shopping experience. Over time, additional products from more vendors will be available on the PayQwik mobile wallet.PayQwik is available for download in the Google Play Store and will be available for iOS devices in the very near future. The Corporation made a conscious decision to have its mobile payment service available on Android devices first due to the significant penetration of Android devices in India.Pankaj Kumar, CEO of First Global’s India subsidiary and PayQwik™, said, “India has become one of the fastest growing markets in Asia Pacific. According to many industry analysts, the Indian e-commerce market will reach $6 billion in 2015, a 70 percent increase over 2014 with revenue of $3.5 billion. We have also witnessed a remarkable growth in mobile users in India. India has now become the world’s second largest mobile market after China and will reach 165 million in 2015. We are therefore very confident and anticipate a significant market for PayQwik™ services.”“This is a significant milestone for First Global and we are thankful for the opportunity to serve the Indian marketplace,” said Andre Itwaru, Chairman, President and CEO of First Global Data Limited. “India is one of the largest markets in the world, but is also one of the most demanding and sophisticated. Our success comes from having the right technology, incredible connectivity, and a suite of services which are currently in demand by Indian consumers. Our platform enables us to diversify our service offerings, and to grow and scale as the Indian marketplace evolves. We look forward to continued growth in India and the continued deployment of our mobile payment services in other parts of the world.”Credits: Yahoo Financelast_img read more

Wearable Tech From Stanford Researcher Aims To Reduce Your Stress

first_imgScientists have found ways to take the technology to help chill us out. Image Credit: Humana Advertisement In the fast-paced Bay Area, where life has gotten so expensive, commutes seem to last a lifetime and smartphones blur the boundaries between work and life, who doesn’t feel a little anxious and stressed?Smartphones are not going away, but some scientists here have found way to take the technology to help chill us out.It’s a new type of wearable technology called Spire. – Advertisement – “It actually helps you feel better,” said Spire’s co-inventor and Stanford professor Neema Moraveji.The stone-like device is like a FitBit for the mind. Clip it on your belt or bra, and the sensor can detect when you’re becoming stressed, calm or focused. It does this by watching every breath you take.“For example when you’re stressed, your breathing changes; when you’re calm, your breathing changes,” explained Moraveji.Moraveji wants to encourage the whole world to take a deep breath. He said there is lots of good science to show how controlling your breathing is an excellent way to lower your stress, and lower you anxiety.“There’s been a lot of laboratory studies that have looked at controlling your breathing as a way to lower stress, and lower anxiety,” he said.Moravegi is also Director of Stanford University’s Calming Technology Lab.“There’s actually a lot of deep science there. When you take a deep breath, the entire state of your brain changes. Your heart rate slows down your blood pressure changes. That’s why breathing is so powerful and so useful from a feedback perspective.” he explained.[related-posts]Spire sends the data to your smartphone. User can set the device or their phones to nudge them with a tiny vibration or instant message when they begin to get tense.Peter Kazanjy of San Francisco likes the idea. “It’s sort of lie a personal meditation coach or a mindfulness coach where it’s always with you,” said Kazanjy.Kazanjy is a software entrepreneur who read about Spire on a technology blog and decided to give it a whirl.He said the device lets him know when to take a deep breath.“That by far is the most important thing for me because it helps snaps me out of situations that otherwise would not be productive for me,” explained Kazanjy.The device also syncs up your breathing data to your smartphone in real time. You can watch yourself breathe, and that kind of feedback has helped to teach Kazanjy how to relax and stay focused.“All of a sudden, you actually start reducing the number of instances you’re tense,” he said.Spire also knows when you’re up and moving If you sit for too long, you can also program it to push a message to you and tell you to stretch your legs and take a walk.It costs about $150, and can hold a charge for up to a week.[CBS San Francisco]last_img read more

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Set to Launch on March

first_imgAdvertisement One of world’s biggest smartphone maker; Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd had a rough ending last year after many Samsung Galaxy Note 7 holders reported their phablets exploding in flames. However, the smartphone makers says they are seeking to put behind one of the biggest product safety failures in tech history as they prepare to launch their Galaxy S8.At the Mobile World Congress which is currently held in Barcelona for three (3) days, the South Korean-based Electronics firm, during its keynote session confirmed that Galaxy Unpacked 2017 will be held on March 29th, where the company is expected to unveil the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S7. However, according to multiple reports, claim that the phablets will go on sale by April 21st. There were no mention whether it will be global or selected parts of the world.The Galaxy S8 is expected to be the company’s comeback smartphone, as its said to come in 5-inch and 6-inch variants, having a large infinity display, and will sport a dual-edge curved display putting the flat screen variant trend to rest. The predecessor of the Galaxy S-series; Samsung Galaxy S7 had a flat screen and it will be the last to have it. – Advertisement – Basing on rumors, one of the feature we’re waiting to see is if the firm is really getting rid of its 3.5mm headphone jack to join the likes of  Apple’s iPhone 7, Motorola’s Moto Z, and LeEco’s Le Pro 3. Aside from ditching the Headphone Jack, other reports claim that the firm might also abandon the Home Button while the front camera might feature an auto-focus.Teasing the launch event, Samsung wrote in its official invite;“On March 29, Samsung Electronics will unveil the newest Galaxy as part of its endeavour to unbox your phone.”The invite further said, “The forthcoming addition to the Galaxy line-up represents the start of a new era, by reshaping the device that has over the years become an indispensable tool in our everyday lives.”Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2017 event will be live-streamed on the company’s website.[related-posts]last_img read more

Deported Wim Vanhelleputte Drags Government of Uganda to Court

first_imgFormer MTN CEO, Wim Vanhelleputte . Advertisement Following his deportation back to his home country Belgium on Thursday 14th, Feb. 2019, MTN Uganda boss, Mr. Wim Vanhelleputte is striking back to the Government of Uganda, suing the Attorney General, William Byaruhanga on grounds that his deportation was irrational & illegal.Mr. Wim departed Uganda at 11PM (EAT) on Thursday 14th, Feb. 2019 aboard Brussels Airlines — leaving the telco with no head. The following morning MTN Group in a press statement released by MTN Uganda stated that it appointed Gordian Kyomukama as the acting CEO.Now, according to reports by Daily Monitor, Mr. Wim is challenging his deportation. – Advertisement – According to Mr. Wim, his deportation labelled him as an undesirous and prohibited immigrant yet he has been a law abiding citizen and has no trace of a criminal record during his stay in Uganda.In his affidavit seen by a reporter to Daily Monitor, stated that Mr. Wim is entitled to fair treatment and due process before an administrative body and/or any person, and also has a right to be heard.The affidavit further reads, “The applicant has never committed any offence or criminal act under the laws of Uganda and neither is he responsible for breaking any law. That there’s no lawful reason whatsoever for his deportation. That it is in the interest of justice that his deportation be quashed.”The Belgian citizen, Mr. Wim Vanhelleputte is said to have married a Ugandan citizen Ms. Barbara Adoso Vanhelleputte in April 29th, 2000 and to-date have two kids Vanhelleputte Jonathan aged, 17 and Vanhelleputte Jason, 13.With all this, Mr. Wim wants the High Court in Kampala to declare that his deportation by the Internal Affairs Minister Gen. Jeje Odongo, was arbitrary, irrational and illegal. He further said he wants the government to compensate the general damages for illegal detention and deportation and any other relief that court shall deem fit.To recall, Mr. Wim was deported three weeks after three of MTN Uganda’s senior staff including; Olivier Prentout (French), Annie Bilenge Tabura (Rwandese) and Ms. Elsa Mussolini (Italy) were deported on the same allegations of comprising national security.Olivier Prentout.Elsa Mussolini.According to SoftPower, Mr. Wim stayed in contact with the deported staff members — which he admitted to doing so. According to security officials, what the MTN boss doing was obstructing investigations in matters concerning with national security — resulting to his deportation.last_img read more

STAR PREVIEW Arsenal v Everton

first_img[dropcap]A[/dropcap]rsenal will no doubt be still on a high heading into their tea-time Premier League clash with Everton after their superb 2-0 defeat of Bayern Munich midweek in the Champions League with late goals from Giroud and Ozil.Arsenal are on a run of three consecutive wins in the Premier League – scoring 11 goals in the process and with a win tonight (with the Manchester derby tomorrow) will see the Gunners go top of the table.Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger said: “Overall we are in a good run and that can help the level of confidence and belief going into the next game. You gain credibility through consistency and when people think this could be a game where we could slip a bit and you respond in a positive way. It shows that our consistency is questioned by many people which is not based on mathematics and statistics, but more on preconceived ideas and it is down to us to change people’s minds. The longer we last (at the top), the more people will give us credit for it.”Everton are on a tough run of fixtures. Liverpool, Man U and Arsenal in successive games. They drew 1-1 in the Merseyside derby and were then brushed aside 3-0 (2-0 HT) by Man U at Goodison. The stats look ominous for the Toffees too. They are winless in their last 21 league and cup games away to Arsenal.Arsenal’s midfielder Aaron Ramsey is out for at least three weeks after injuring his hamstring against Bayern Munich on Tuesday.David Ospina and Mikel Arteta are also sidelined with respective shoulder and ankle injuries whilst Jack Wilshere, Tomas Rosicky and Danny Welbeck remain out with long term injuries.Everton have less injury worries and will assess the fitness of Tom Cleverley who made his comeback from an ankle problem by playing for their development side.Arsenal v EvertonPremier League17:30 Sky Sports 1 / Sky Sports 1 HDHEAD TO HEAD(Maximum 10 matches)Mar 2015 PREMIER Arsenal 2-0 EvertonAug 2014 PREMIER Everton 2-2 ArsenalApr 2014 PREMIER Everton 3-0 ArsenalMar 2014 FA CUP Arsenal 4-1 EvertonDec 2013 PREMIER Arsenal 1-1 EvertonApr 2013 PREMIER Arsenal 0-0 EvertonNov 2012 PREMIER Everton 1-1 ArsenalMar 2012 PREMIER Everton 0-1 ArsenalDec 2011 PREMIER Arsenal 1-0 EvertonFeb 2011 PREMIER Arsenal 2-1 EvertonI can’t see anything beyond another Arsenal win and plenty of goals too. Over 3.5 goals looks tempting at around 5/4 with Star Sports.RECOMMENDED BETS (scale of 1-50 points)BACK OVER 3.5 GOALS for 10 points at around 5/4 with Star SportsRETURN SINCE START OF WORLD CUP: PROFIT 99.40 POINTSWhat’s your view? CALL STAR SPORTS 08000 521 321last_img read more

STAR PREVIEW Lyon v Everton

first_imgBET NOW WITH STAR SPORTS 08000 521 321 [dropcap]S[/dropcap]purs did the business in style at Wembley last night to continue the good run of form for the column. Only as good as your last tip etc etc etc !!!Everton’s European adventures could come to a shuddering end in France tonight when they take on Lyon in the Europa League 6pm game and frankly given their perilous position in the Premier League it could be the best thing that could happen to them.Make no mistake, the Toffees are in all kinds of trouble and getting this competition out of the way and concentrating on the league might well be their best chance of survival. I really do mean survival – they are a big price to go down on the old basis of ‘being too big a club’ but that’s about all you can cling to as their form is really poor and I genuinely believe them to be relegation candidates.Certainly, Lyon won’t be too worried – they beat Everton 2-1 at Goodison last month and come into this on a roll of four wins in a row which has helped take them into third behind PSG in Ligue 1. PSG remain the only side to have beaten them this season, across all competitions, and that win came courtesy of two own goals!Everton are currently in the drop zone in the Premier League with eight points from 10 games and are on a run of four losses from which they have conceded 11 goals.Caretaker manager David Unsworth said: “We have an uphill task, but it’s not impossible. We’ll give everything to win.“The Europa League is very important to us because we’ve got 3,000 Evertonians coming to watch us tonight.“It’s important to me and important to the players. I’ll pick a team to win the game and I know the lads will do everything they can to win it as well.“Every time you pull on the shirt for this great club, it’s important to win. We want to do it for our fans.”All admirable words but the sub-text of Wayne Rooney, Leighton Baines, Phil Jagielka being rested suggest Unsworth wants this out of the way so he can get back to the job in hand and Sunday’s home tie against Watford in the Premier League.Lyon could move to the top of Group E and should maintain their impressive scoring record in the Europa League which currently averages 3.4 goals per home game.Lyon v EvertonUEFA Europa League Group Stage18:00 BT Sport 2HEAD TO HEAD RECORD(Maximum 10 matches)Oct 2017 EUROPA LEAGUE Everton 1-2 LyonI can’t see any other result but Lyon here and am grabbing the evens with Star Sports for them to be leading at both HT and FT.RECOMMENDED BETS (scale of 1-100 points)BACK LYON/LYON HT/FT to win 12 points at EVENS with Star SportsPROFIT/LOSS SINCE JAN 1 2017: PROFIT 46.23 pointslast_img read more

Students Steer Red Rover Over Alien Terrain

first_imgFacebookTwitterPrintEmailAddThis ShareTipsheetSTUDENTS STEER RED ROVER OVER ‘ALIEN’ TERRAINThe Mars Sojourner rover may be out of commission, but fourth- andfifth-graders at the Rice School are remotely controlling their own new models,complete with a camera, and exploring “alien” Mars terrain that they created intheir classroom. The students are learning how scientists explore other planetswith remote systems. The students will be operating their rovers on Dec. 11 and 12 from 1-2:30p.m. at the Rice School, 7550 Seuss Drive.More than 100 students formed 25 teams to design and build robotic vehiclesfrom LEGO kits. Using a computer to control the movement of their rovers, theynavigate them over a rocky, dusty Martian landscape. The computer softwaremimics the control programs used by the scientists on the Pathfinder/Sojournermission to explore Mars.In addition to learning about Mars, the students are learning how science canbe used for practical purposes: measuring distances by triangulation; how to usethe Internet; how gears work, how math can be applied to find speed anddistance. A Rice University professor and graduate students at the Keck Centerfor Computational Biology, headquartered at Rice, are teaching the youngstudents.Red Rover is a hands-on, educational project created by The Planetary Societyand brought to the Rice School by the Keck Center for Computational Biology.Contact: Lia Unrau, Rice University News Office, (713) 831-4793,, or Rice professor GeorgePhillips, (713) 527-4910.The Planetary Society’s website for the Red Rover project is located at: ### last_img read more